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Durable two component urethane coating that can be applied to metal, wood and fiberglass. Protects interior truck bed from high impact, scratches stain, salt, rust, corrosion and is UV resistant. It bonds directly to paints, primers and flexes with trucks movement. It protects surface against damp and a wide range of extreme weather conditions. DIY 3 Easy Steps - mix, shake and shoot

Covers 201 sq. ft. @ 4 mils  - 8 ft Truck Bed

UV Resistant
Impact Resistant
Protects against rust and corrosion
Protects against extreme weather conditions 
Adheres to multiple surfaces

Kit Includes

  • 4 cans of 27 oz Truck Bed Protector Base Tintable
  • 40 oz Hardener
  • A measuring cup
  • Pro Form Shutz gun
  • 4 x 3 oz Bright White Tint



  • Wash truck bed area thoroughly with soap and water to remove contaminates that solvent-based cleaner cannot remove effectively. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Before sanding: remove all surface contaminates by properly cleaning metals with “Wax and Grease Remover.” Clean fiber glass area with ‘Plastic Parts Cleaner.’
  • Wipe dry while the surface is still wet.
  • If there’s rust, remove the rust by grinding or sand blasting. Then blow the surface to remove the debris.
  • b) Sand old finish with 180 or 220 grit sand paper, by hand or by machine, and then re-clean with ‘Wax and Grease Remover.’
  • Allow the solvent evaporate properly.
  • Mask all the area (including the locks and hinges) EXCEPT the area to be coated with the bedliner.
  • Prime bare metal area with gray self-etching primer aerosol.


  • Shake the bottles at the beginning very, very well. This is essential for the right application of any truck bedliner.
  • Using the measurement cup, add 3 oz of the concentrated pigment/basecoat in each bottle (PART A) that. DO NOT ADD MORE THAN 3 OZ OF PAINT for each bottle.


  • Clean the measurement cup, and measure 5 oz of PART B (activator) and pour into each a bottle of PART A (resin).
  • Shake the bottle PART A (resin) for two minutes.
  • Measure another 5 oz of PART B (activator) and pour into each bottle of PART A (resin).
  • Shake the bottle PART A (resin) for another two minutes.
  • Mix all spraying material needed for the job prior of beginning the application.


  • Screw the dip tube to the spray gun. Attach the gun to one of the bottles which is tinted and activated.
  • Adjust the air pressure to 30-35 psi.
  • Hold the gun approximately 12-16” from the surface to be sprayed.
  • First, spray the front and the sides of the bed, then the floor and finally the tailgate.
  • ATTENTION: Remove the masking tape while the coating is still wet.


At 70F, the dry-to-touch time is 1 hour. Cure time is 2 days. Do not load the bed until fully cured.


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