• $54.00

Ideal buffing pad kit all your polishing needs. To be used with variable speed buffer. The Velcro Backing Plate has a 5/8 thread.

Contents of Kit:

  • TWO 8" White Cutting Pads
  • ONE 8" Yellow Light Cut Pad
  • ONE 8" Blue Soft Polish Pad
  • TWO 8"Black Final Finish Pad
  • ONE 6.5" Velcro Backing Plate

    White Pad used for Cutting. Frequently used in place of wool pads. Very aggressive and appropriate for correction of heavily oxidized paint and wet sand scratches.

    Yellow Pad used for Light Cut. An extremely versatile pad. Can be used with light duty compounds for paint correction with light scratches and oxidation. The pad to use with "one-step" polish products.

    Blue Pad used for Soft Polish. An excellent choice for use with waxes and polishes to produce a deep gloss on any painted surface or color. Very good as a swirl remover.

    Black Pad used for Final Finish. The ultimate in finish, shine and gloss. A must-have for polishing dark colors, luxury vehicles, and collector cars. Use this pad in "step-two" for routine "two-step" polishing operations.

    Velcro Backing Plate. 6.5" Hook Backing Plate - Designed for hook and loop fast attachment. For use with the above 8" pads that have loop material backing. This durable baking plate will allow you to remove and replace pads quickly.

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