HiQ Magic Clear, High Performance Urethane Clear Coat w/ Medium Hardener 4:1

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HiQ Magic Clear, High Performance Urethane Clear Coat, 4:1 fast drying clear

HiQ MAGIC CLEAR is a fast drying urethane clearcoat designed for quick repairs where speed is essential. MAGIC CLEAR dries quickly without loosing appearance. It offers fast flash and polishing times with good quality.
MAGIC CLEAR is easy to apply and a high gloss acrylic urethane system with excellent durability.
Product description

- Ultra fast air-dry
- Easy workability
- High gloss and good leveling



Fast drying mid-solids clearcoat



Mixing ratio: Base : Hardener(by vol) = 4 : 1
Pot life: 2 hours at 77℉(25℃) using CCH-200



4L HiQ Magic Clearcoat

QtMedium or Qt Fast Hardener 

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