Finish-Rite Soft Edge Foam Aperture Masking Tape 1/2"(13mm) x 55yd(50m)

  • $22.00
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Finish-Rite Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape 1/2"(13mm) x 55yd(50m)

Finish-Rite Premium Foam Masking Tape is specifically designed for refinishing, providing superior door edge and gap protection from overspray. Its smooth edge reduces job completion time, making it a profitable choice for professionals. This masking tape easily covers jambs and other apertures, outperforming traditional methods. The specially designed foam also seals out dust and other contaminants, safeguarding paint jobs. Leave it in place during the final prep phase to prevent compound and polish from entering jamb areas.
  • Easy to Apply

  • Heat Resistant

  • Easy to tear

  • 1/2" x 55yd

  • Made in EU


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