Maestro Fix High Build Aerosol Primer Gray, Black, White

  • $25.00

An ultra high performance 1K primer, with excellent film build and hold up along with an exceptionally quick dry to sand time. It can be used direct to many substrates including bare metal and most plastics, and is suitable for water or solvent based topcoats. Excellent anti-sag qualities, very high filling properties and a great drying time make this the ultimate high build primer.

Features and benefits
• Excellent anti-sag qualities - no runs and rework
• Very high filling properties - quicker coverage of
sanding marks
• Extremely fast dry to sand time - faster through put
of paint jobs
• Excellent adhesion to bare metal and most plastics -
reduces the need of other products
• Resistant to panel wipe - no risk of wipe off.

Suitable substrates (cleaned & abraded)
• Bare steel
• Old paint work
• Aluminum
• Fiberglass
• Many plastics

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