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3M™ Perfect-It™ Denibbing Polish, PT (473 mL) - 39063

  • $39.95

3M Perfect-It Denibbing Polish removes 1500 sand scratches during the 3M Perfect-It Denibbing Process. This high-performing formula is a great denibbing tool, helping minimize the time and effort it takes to refinish paint jobs and remove sand scratches or swirl marks from previously compounded areas. 

Operators understand it well: denibbing paintwork can be a temperamental – if tedious – process. You want to eliminate small imperfections without affecting the surrounding surface areas. 3M Perfect-It Denibbing Polish was engineered to reduce the time it takes to remove these tiny but noticeable imperfections.

First and foremost, this polish should be used with 3M Perfect-It Foam Buffing Pad (sold separately). Together, these products form a comprehensive system designed to remove scratches; they’re great paint denibbing tools to have on hand in any shop. Operators will note that the pad and liquid are both purple in color. We intentionally created this color scheme to help indicate which products should be paired together.

Likely, 3M Perfect-It Denibbing Polish and Foam Buffing Pad will be preceded by a 3M Perfect Denibbing Abrasive. These small abrasives are specially-engineered to quickly remove dirt, keep the repair area small and reduce cleanup time. After the abrasive has thoroughly sanded the affected area, the polish and pad come in. To begin, attach the pad to a dual-action polisher. Then, add 3M Perfect-It Denibbing Polish to 3M Perfect-It Foam Buffing Pad and the repair area. By applying light to medium pressure, operators should be able to polish the affected area and achieve a desired shine. It’s a quick, easy two-step process for bringing repairs full circle.

Altogether 3M Perfect-It products are designed as a comprehensive system. The progressive series of abrasives, from buffing and compounding pads to propriety polishes, help repair substrates and produce show-room grade finishes with deep color and rich gloss.

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