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3M™ Single Step Primer 125 mL - 08681

  • $53.95

Single step primer for windshields to promote urethane adhesion to the windshield; can also be used to touch up pinchweld scratches and to primer encapsulated glass. Use with 3M™ Urethane Primer Daubers 08688.

Note: Laws controlling the acceptable amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) vary by state, and in some cases by locality. This product is restricted in one or more places in the U.S. If you are unable to find this product locally, please ask your local distributor for information on local rules products and available alternatives.

  • A very convenient and easy-to-use primer. The Single Step Automotive Glass/Frit Primer:

    • Does not need an activator.
    • Can be used on encapsulated glass.
    • Can be used to touch up scratches on the pinchweld.

    Other Major Benefits:

    • Promotes adhesion of urethane to automotive glass and frit.
    • Promotes adhesion to automotive paint primers.
    • Protects urethane from harmful ultraviolet rays.
    • Pinchweld touch-up primer for corrosion prevention.
    • Promotes urethane adhesion to encapsulated plastic parts.

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