3M™ Vinyl Tape 471+ 6404 1/8" x 36 yd

  • $14.95

The 3M 6404 is a vinyl tape made from vinyl backing with rubber adhesive. They are ideal for many lane and safety markings, color coding, abrasion protection, masking, sealing, splicing and other general purpose applications.

The 3M 6404 Features:
  • Pigmented backings maintain their vivid colors even when exposed to heavy abrasion
  • Can be sold to Commercial Item Description A-A-1689 Type I
  • II
  • Conformability and dead stretch properties are ideal for taping, wrapping or sealing many curved, convex, or irregular surfaces
  • Rubber adhesive provides good adhesion to many surfaces for easier application and excellent holding strength
  • Sharp colors for color coding or marking systems, draw attention and help enhance plant safety
  • Clean removal from many surfaces which helps reduce clean-up and labor costs
  • Abrasion resistant and longer potential application life
  • Good solvent resistance for application protection and longer product life

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