• $48.00

Product Overview:

Indasa 6" HT Line (High Tech) Rhynogrip Ultravent Sanding Discs are high-performance abrasive that are revolutionizing the industry with advances found nowhere else, offering a wide range of applications from heavy duty sanding to micro-fine finishing. 

The Indasa Ultravent vacuum hole pattern offers maximum dust extraction. 

The Indasa HT Line features a color change from white to red lets you know when abrasive disc working time is complete and time to replace, offering reduced waste and improved productivity.

Flexible backing adaptable to sanding contoured surfaces, special abrasive grain and stearate lubricant layer for the highest quality surface finish, high stock removal and minimal grit shedding and very long working lifetime. 

HT Line is an excellent choice for sanding body fillers, primers, topcoats, clear coats, fiberglass & gelcoat materials, solid surfaces and hard woods.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flexible backing adaptable to sanding contoured surfaces
  • High initial cutting action for fast stock removal
  • Uniform scratch pattern provides the ultimate surface finish
  • High strength resin bond for minimal grit shedding
  • Advanced clog resistance stearate coating technology for longer working lifetime
  • Ultravent for maximum dust extraction and better surface finish
  • Color change from white to red lets you know when abrasive working time is complete
  • Perfect for sanding body fillers, primers, topcoats, clear coats, fiberglass & gelcoat materials, solid surfaces and hard woods

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