Mirka 18-111-448 Ultra Fine Scuff Pad (Gray) , Qty. 20

  • $31.00

Mirlon is a flexible, three-dimensional fibre sanding material that provides an excellent surface finish. Due to its special structure, Mirlon is easy to use on profiled surfaces and creates an excellent base for the next lacquer layer. Mirlon is available in four different coarse grits.

General Purpose (320) is a universal sanding material:

Very Fine (360) is recommended for primary sanding of new sheet parts and old lacquer layers and sanding of blendings before applying the primer
Ultra Fine (1500) and Micro Fine (2000) are suitable for preparation of lacquered surfaces and fading


  • Grain Aluminium oxide (GP, VF),
  • Bonding Silicon carbide (UF, MF)
  • Coating Phenolic resin
  • Colour Green (GP), Red (VF), Dark grey (UF), Grey (MF)
  • Grit range GP 320, VF 360, UF 1500, MF 2000
  • 6 in. x 9 in. 

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