Presta 131905 Strata Ultra Cutting Creme - 6.6 LBS -

Presta 131905 Strata Ultra Cutting Creme - 6.6 LBS

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Ultra Cutting Crème™ is an aggressive compound developed to remove P1500 grit and finer sand scratches from soft and aged paint. This advanced formula makes compounding ultra-high solids clears fast and easy. It is also the ideal choice for detailing / valeting severely weathered and oxidized finishes. Ultra Cutting Crème will also be effective on gel-coated surfaces.


1. Apply a 1” (25 mm) dab of Ultra Cutting Crème for a 2’ x 2’ (.6m x .6m) section.

2. Buff at 1800 to 2200 rpm. Work the buffer side to side slowly, and front to rear, until most of the product is gone and gloss appears.

3. Add more Ultra Cutting Crème if you have deeper scratches to remove.

4. Wipe surface with a Presta Micro Fiber Cloth.

5. Follow with Presta Ultra Polish for a high gloss finish.

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