Presta Cutting Compound Qt 131432 -

Presta Cutting Compound Qt 131432

  • $24.95

Product Description

Presta® cutting compound cuts quickly and is designed to remove P1200 and finer sand scratches on most new and aged clear coat paint surfaces over a broad range of buffing speeds. Contains no waxes, fillers or silicones making it 100% body shop safe. This water-based formula is easy-to-use and significantly reduces buffing and cleanup time when used in conjunction with Presta Finishing Polish.


  • Aggressive enough to remove severe scratches - compound has a long working window that can handle P1200 sand scratches
  • Water-based formula - significantly reduces cleanup time
  • Low dusting formula - keeps the rest of the vehicle clean while you work, allows for faster clean up
  • 100% body shop safe
  • Mechanical correction, scratches will not reappear with washing or time

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