SATAjet 4000 B Camo, 1.4 STD HVLP, W/RPS

  • $902.00

All too often, automotive painters with their talents and skills do not receive as much appreciation as they deserve, despite the fact that they are the ones who make collision repair jobs invisible. Every day, thousands of painters worldwide are facing this challenge – most of them use spray equipment from SATA Kornwestheim (Germany).

Painters will be happy to know that, due to a special surface treatment, the SATAjet 4000 B Camo is safe to be exposed to the harsh work environment existing in a paint shop on a daily basis. Available with a large range of nozzle sizes, painters can choose between the "Super Saver" HVLP and the "Super Speed" RP version with optimised high pressure technology. Both technologies will be offered as nondigital as well as DIGITAL guns.

In case however that this spray gun should be deemed too special to work with, SATA special editions are always great eye-catchers in any showroom or a perfect gift to award to employees for outstanding services.

Part # 190405

UPC: 027533159094

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