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U-POL Rocket Paint Accelerator, UP0735, 250ml Bottle

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Liquid additive which is used in small quantities with 2K isocyanate hardeners to achieve rapid through-cure. Super accelerator for 2K paints, clears and primers.

Improves the cure time for all 2K paints by 30-50%.Speeds up demasking and overpainting when mixed with 2K hardeners. Increases throughput and improves profits. For use with all 2K coatings except U-POL EV clearcoats and solid colours which require S2005EV.

Advantages of using PAINT ROCKET

PAINT ROCKET accelerates the curing of urethane primers, color and clear coats significantly reducing baking times - offering increased throughput and energy-saving in the bodyshop.

Mixing ratio

Open a fresh can of 2K isocyanate hardener, remove the seal and add PAINT ROCKET as follows: 

  • Add between 2 and 3 reservoirs of PAINT ROCKET to quart of hardener.
  • 2K conventional hardeners: add two reservoirs per quart.
  • MS hardeners: add 3 reservoirs per quart. Replace the lid tightly and shake well to mix the 2K hardener and PAINT ROCKET thoroughly together in the can.
  • Mark the can so that PAINT ROCKET is not added a second time.
  • The accelerated 2K hardener can now be used in the normal way with 2K primers, colours or clear coats.

The addition of PAINT ROCKET at 2-3% will reduce drying time by between 30- 50% depending on the paint product with which it is mixed.

Upol, U-Pol, UP0735, UP-0735

Health and Safety Statement

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Read full instructions before use. IMPORTANT: This product contains hazardous materials and therefore appropriate personal protective equipment should always be used. Please refer to the label and consult the material safety data sheet for full handling instructions and personal protection information. These are available via your local stockist or via the U-POL website at WWW.U-POL.COM. U-POL disclaim any liability where the user does not wear the recommended personal protective equipment.

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